The American Campus

Levels of Higher Education

American universities offer prestigious and useful university degrees because of the rigor of the education and the quality of the material and instruction. The American Campus is no exception. We offer the following options to accommodate students and professionals at all levels.

An Associate's Degree is a two-year degree. This degree typically focuses on core classes with an emphasis in a given subject. Thus, students develop a broad foundation of knowledge as well as some specialized skills. Graduates can either enter the workforce in entry-level positions, or they can further their education. Associate Degrees at TAC are the equivalent of Level 6 on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) of the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). 

Bachelor’s Degree is the traditional degree given by American colleges and universities. It normally requires at least four years of full-time study.  A bachelor’s degree prepares graduates for entrance into the workforce or for progression toward a higher degree or certification.  This degree focuses on both breadth (general education courses which give students introductory knowledge in several subjects) and depth (courses which concentrate study in one area, called a major).

Master’s Degree is given in a specialized field and generally requires an additional 1-2 years of full-time study beyond a bachelor’s degree. Some students may be qualified to begin this degree based on their previous work experience rather than education.

Certification Program prepares students to do one particular aspect of a field of study and may be completed at several points during an educational career. Certificate programs vary in length and depend upon the number of courses required.

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Grading Structure

The final grades for classes will be based on the tests, homework, quizzes, assignments, participation, projects, etc. Unless otherwise specified by your teacher, the grading scale follow below. Note that a minimum grade of a C- (70%) is required for all Core and concentration classes. If students receive a grade in the D range (60%-69%) in a class, that class may count only as an elective credit and students may need to retake the class or take another class to meet the requirements.

Grading Scale:

93-100% A (Excellent)
90-92% A-
88-89% B+
83-87% B (Average)
80-82% B-
78-79% C+
73-77% C (Below Average)
70-72% C-
68-69% D+
63-67% D (Poor)
60-62% D-
0-59% F (Failure)

*For degrees offered in partnership with Dawson Community College, a C- is the minimum grade for general and major classes and a D- is the minimum requirement for elective classes. Additionally, students must earn a minimum total GPA of 2.0 to graduate. Students who have a GPA of 3.5 to 3.74 will graduate with Honors and students with a GPA of 3.75 to 4.0 will graduate with High Honors. (The GPA ranges referenced are on a 4.0 grading scale.)

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