The American Campus

About this Location

The Jin Fei Smart City is the result of a joint venture in collaboration between the Mauritius government and Jin Fei. The park, which was one of the first approved smart cities, is situated on the route between Port Louis and the north of Mauritius. Jin Fei has invested approximately 1 Billion USD for supporting of four business clusters:

  1. Culture & leisure
  2. Financial and business
  3. Logistics
  4. Knowledge hub

Jin Fei is a place where people can live, work, study, and play all in one. Our campus located at Jin Fei Smart City provides an ideal space for students to excel academically, personally, and professionally. All students can utilize on campus housing, gardens, businesses, and recreational facilities. 

In addition to on campus opportunities at Jin Fei, there are many businesses that can provide great options for students to work in the surrounding areas. Jin Fei is also near the city of Grand Baie, where students can take advantage of the rich leisure activities on their time off.


The classrooms and administration offices located at Jin Fei are in the Noah Wealth Center on the second floor. To ease transportation, a shuttle is provided from Port Louis to Jin Fei and vice versca.

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