The American Campus

The American Campus (TAC) is a new institution of higher education designed to offer a quality, cost-effective American education to Mauritian students as well as those from across Africa and Asia. TAC was founded by a broad coalition of U.S. educators with substantial and varied experience. The learning and teaching techniques are based on the American model of active and applied academic learning.

TAC provides a superior educational experience to nurture students’ personal and career goals,  qualifying them for immediate entry into the workplace after graduation, and setting them up for success in their chosen career. We achieve this by being well-informed about trends and opportunities in the regional job markets, and by collaborating with American university partners to offer meaningful programs on campus. Beyond academic experience, students at TAC gain a supporting network of mentors and build relationships with potential employers through internships, community service, and applied research.




Educate and strengthen Africa and Asia’s citizens to promote and sustain both continents’ roles in the global economy



Nurture students’ self-identity and passion for their future



Train students to be productive and active participants in their country’s development



Teach ethical principles and good governance, and prepare students to be future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs



Prepare students for gainful employment in a field they value

We achieve these goals through holistic education in and out of class by focusing on the following areas:


Personal Development: This is the foundation of our teaching philosophy. While at TAC, each student will begin a life-long process of self-discovery. Students will be inspired to break-through limitations and challenges in all areas of their life. Through inspired mentorship and a strong work ethic, students will gain the skills and confidence to reach their own potential.

Life Skills: Students will learn skills that will help them be better students, leaders, and citizens. TAC offers students training in study skills, critical reasoning, entrepreneurship, time management, conflict resolution, problem solving, and ethical principles. The many skills taught throughout a student's studies at TAC will prepare them to be leaders and innovators in the workplace and elsewhere.

Cultural Awareness: The American Campus is located on the culturally diverse island of Mauritius and draws students from countries all over the world. This provides our students with the opportunity to learn about cultures beyond their own, expanding their minds as they become more aware of the world around them.

Creative Thinking: Courses are designed to be interactive and engaging. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, ask questions, and be critical of theories and ideas. Many of our students come from a history of lecture-based schooling, making them hesitant to speak up and share their thoughts in class. At TAC, this type of engaging conversation is encouraged by all. We believe that inspiring creativity and innovation in our students will make them competent, effective, and independent leaders in all areas of their lives. 

Professional Training: Our programs qualify students for immediate entry into the workplace and launch them on a successful track in their chosen career. Students will complete a university program and earn a certification or degree from an accredited, internationally recognized U.S. university. Students may earn a Certificate, an Associate's degree, a Bachelor's degree, or a Master's degree. In addition, students will also attend seminars, workshops, and events that will teach professional skills for the workplace.