About The American Campus

The American Campus (TAC) is a new university that offers American Higher Education programs on the island of Mauritius. The rich culture and diversity of the island makes it an ideal place for students of all different backgrounds to live and study. TAC offers programs in various fields with a hands-on learning approach to teaching. This approach prepares our students to be innovative, creative, and empowered leaders in the workforce and elsewhere. We invite students from all over the world to apply and pursue a high-quality, cost-effective American education. No matter who you are, The American Campus is a great place to study and obtain an American Higher Education!

About Mauritius

Blessed not only by nature but also by location, Mauritius provides an opportunity of fusion between the East and the West.

Mauritius is a densely populated island of approximately 1.3 million people. It has a reputation for stability and racial harmony among its mixed population. Mauritius is known as a plural society where ethnic groups of all kinds are present. Hindus, Muslims, Creoles, Chinese and Europeans live in peace and harmony. This makes the island a very unique place in this world, with Mauritians growing a reputation of tolerance and kindness towards all people.

Most Mauritians are bilingual, being equally fluent in French and English. English is the official language, but French and Creole are widely spoken. Oriental languages also form part of Mauritius’ linguistic mosaic.