Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The American Campus’ programs of study are designed on four academic years each consisting of three semesters, paralleling semesters at the U.S. institutions. This allows faculty and student exchanges between the TAC and partnering universities for specific programs.

Semesters are not identified by season (i.e. fall, spring, or summer) as they are in the United States because of confusion between southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere partnering schools. Semesters are approximately 16 weeks with one to two breaks in between.

The American Campus’ programs of study are completed in 4 semesters for two-year degrees or 8 semesters for four-year degrees.

Each semester is approximately 16 weeks with one to two week breaks in between. Semesters follow the following schedule:

  • Semester A: January – May
  • Semester B: June – August
  • Semester C: August – December

When new students begin a program they participate in an orientation that guides them through the expectations of an American program of study and have opportunities to apply new learning skills with mentoring students and faculty. They then work with a cohort group and their instructors to learn and apply course materials.

Note: The start and end of the semester may vary based on the academic program.

2019 Academic Calendar

April Semester 2019
(April 22nd – August 3rd)

October 1st, 2018: Applications open
March 18th: Application deadline
March 25thPayment due
April 17th - 19th, 2019: New Student Orientation

April 22ndBlock A classes begin 
April 25th, 2019: Last day to drop with tuition refund
May 1st, 2019: Labour Day (Public Holiday) no classes
May 31st, 2019: Block A classes end

June 3rd:
Block B classes begin
June 6th: Last day to drop classes with tuition refund
June 5th, 2019: Eid-Ul-Fitr (Public Holiday) no classes
August 5th, 2019Block B classes end


August Semester 2019
(August 26th – December 13th)

May 4th, 2019: Applications Open
July 19thApplication Deadline
July 26th, 2019: Payment Due
August 21st - 23rd, 2019: New Student Orientation

August 26th:
Classes begin
August 29th: Last day to drop with tuition refund
September 3rd: Ganesh Chaturthi (Public Holiday) no classes
September 9th
: Pope visiting Mauritius (Public Holiday) full day class excursion
October 4thClasses end

October 15th:
Classes begin

October 18th: Last day to drop with tuition refund
December 13th: Classes end

2020 Academic Calendar

January 2020 Semester
(January 13th – April 24th)

September 1st, 2019: Applications open
December 6th
, 2019: Application deadline
December 13th, 2019: Payment due
January 8th-10th: New Student Orientation
January 13th: Classes begin
January 31st: Last day to drop with tuition refund
February 21st: Maha Shiaratree (Public Holiday) no classes
March 12th: National Day (Public Holiday) no classes
March 25th: Ougadi (Public Holiday) no classes
April 24thClasses End


May 2020 Semester
(May 4th - August 14th)

February 1st: Applications open
April 6th
: Application deadline
April 13th: Payment due
April 28th-30th: New Student Orientation
May 1st: Labor Day (Public Holiday) TAC closed
May 4th: Classes begin
May 7th: Last day to drop with tuition refund
August 14th: Classes end


August 2020 Semester
(August 24th – December 4th)

May 1st: Applications open
July 20th:
Application deadline
July 27th:
Payment due
August 19th-21st: New Student Orientation
August 24th: Classes begin
August 27th: Last day to drop with tuition refund
December 4th: Classes end