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2020 certainly brought sudden and dramatic changes to the Hospitality industry globally which comprised of safety measures that had a significant impact on the industry. This evolution in society shifted our values to focus on being sustainable and purposeful going forward especially in the context of the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

The School of Hospitality was created to facilitate learning and career opportunities for learners who have a passion for lodging, restaurants, hotel and real estate development, food service and franchises, meetings, conferences, events, festivals, cruise liners and more. Today, students and professionals have the opportunity to contribute to the current best practices and evolving trends in the travel and hospitality sector.

Our faculty is dynamic and collaborative comprising of researchers and leading global industry practitioners who will challenge and inspire learners to think outside of the box. The American Campus’s Diploma’s and transferable Degrees are designed to catapult learners and professionals to grow their networks and develop into active professionals in the industry.

I would like to personally invite you to explore our website and see how we are striving to elevate and change lives for good by offering high-quality and up to date lifelong education to anyone with the passion and desire to learn.

Milana Dortangs Azie

Faculty School of Hospitality

Milana Dortangs Azie is a multilingual, passionate hospitality professional with 10+ years of experience in the international luxury hospitality industry, currently employed as General Manager for an international luxury cruise line. She is responsible for the overall hotel operations, including the Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Guest Relations, Marketing & Revenue, HR, Inventory, Finance, Entertainment, and IT / Digital departments. This includes a team of approximately 1200 hospitality professionals and 1450 rooms.


With a Diploma in the Hospitality and Tourism sector, learners can pursue the following careers

General Manager
Events Manager
Hotel Manager
Tourism Marketing Manager
Travel Agency Manager
Human Resources Manager
Food and Beverage Manager
Guest Relations anager
Tour Group operator
Tourist Information Center Manager
Finance Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager

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