Web Master

Canva - Gray Laptop Computer
About this course:

Participants will learn how to create dynamic, professional and responsive website using open source resources and innovative techniques. They will learn how to apply these skills by working as a professional web designer and possibly starting their own web design company and becoming their own boss or working remotely for foreign businesses.

Pertinent Information:

Skills taught: 

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Javascripts/Jquery
  • MySql
  • PhP
  • Web Hosting Management

Pertinent Information:

Schedule: The duration of this course is three months from the start date of your session. The workload totals 130 hours.

Cost: 45,000 MUR or $1350 USD

Payment plan: If you are unable to pay the full amount of the course at one time, we do have payment plans available. Please contact us* for more information.

Discounts: Visit here to learn about how to apply for a refund through the The Human resource Development Council (HRDC). Students who do not qualify for an HRDC refund will be allocated a special discount upon complete payment of the fee before start of course. Please contact us* for more details.

*For more information about the cost of the course, payment plans, and HRDC or other refunds, please email us at: training@tac.education