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Public Speaking
About this course:

This course covers the foundations of public speaking. You have great ideas and now it’s time to learn how to communicate them effectively. This two day workshop will transform your public speaking ability and set you up for success with presentations, speeches, and related scenarios. Whether you need to present to large or small groups, you will be prepared to captivate your audience with your new public speaking skillset. Students who successfully complete this course will understand the dynamics of public speaking and learn how to incorporate these skills in their everyday lives. 

Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to public speaking
  • The dynamics of public speaking
  • Developing your presentation skills
  • Learning and delivering speeches

In partnership with Professional Leadership Centre and John Maxwell Team.

Pertinent Information:

Trainer: Ravin S. Papiah, Founder Partner & Executive Director at the John Maxwell Team 

Ravin S. Papiah
Image: Ravin S. Papiah
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Schedule: The next training session is as follows:

Date: December 10th and 11th
Time: 9 am to 6:30 pm
Location: JinFei Ocean Garden Entrepreneur’s Club
Lunch and Tea Break Included
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Cost: 25,000 MUR per participant

Payment plan: If you are unable to pay the full amount of the course at one time, please contact us* for more options.

Discounts: Visit here to learn about how to apply for a refund through the The Human resource Development Council (HRDC).

Please contact us for more details. For more information about the cost of the course, payment plans, and HRDC or other refunds, please email us at: training@tac.education