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Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to Mauritian Creole

  • Basic greetings and introductions
  • Pronunciation of vowels and consonants
  • Common phrases for daily communication

Week 2: Numbers and Time

  • Counting from 1 to 100
  • Telling time and asking for the time
  • Vocabulary related to days, weeks, months, and seasons

Week 3: Family and Relationships

  • Vocabulary related to family members
  • Expressing relationships (e.g. husband, wife, son, daughter)
  • Talking about marital status

Week 4: Food and Drinks

  • Vocabulary related to food and drinks
  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • Talking about preferences and allergies

Week 5: Travel and Directions

  • Vocabulary related to transportation and travel
  • Asking for directions and giving directions
  • Describing locations (e.g. north, south, east, west)

Week 6: Leisure Activities

  • Vocabulary related to leisure activities (e.g. sports, music, movies)
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Making plans and invitations

Week 7: Shopping and Commerce

  • Vocabulary related to shopping and commerce (e.g. prices, sizes, colors)
  • Bargaining and negotiating
  • Making purchases and returning items

Week 8: Review and Oral Exam

  • Review of all topics covered in the course
  • Oral exam to test listening comprehension and speaking skills.

Basic Mauritian Creole Course

If you’re a foreigner in Mauritius, you might be surprised to find that most people on the island speak Creole more than English or French. It can be challenging to connect with locals and understand the culture without some knowledge of the language. But fear not – our 8-week Mauritian Creole course is here to help!

Designed for expats or foreign students with no prior knowledge of Creole, our course offers an interactive and friendly approach to learning the language. Our experienced teacher will guide you through the basics of the language, from common greetings to ordering food at a restaurant. You’ll also gain insights into Mauritian culture and customs, allowing you to connect with locals and experience the island in a whole new way. Join us now and start your journey to becoming a confident and fluent speaker of Mauritian Creole. Enroll in our course today and discover the beauty of this fascinating language and culture.

Course Overview:

This course is designed to teach English speaking expats how to speak and understand Mauritian Creole. The course will cover basic vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, as well as common phrases and expressions used in daily conversation.

Course Goals:

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and respond to basic questions and statements in Mauritian Creole.
  • Use common phrases and expressions in daily conversation.
  • Read and write basic words and sentences in Mauritian Creole.
  • Understand and relate to the Mauritian people.
Course Duration:

The course will be designed to run for a period of 8 weeks, with one-hour classes held twice a week. All course materials, including readings, audio recordings, and videos, will be available in the online learning platform.


Students will be assessed through regular homework assignments and participation in group discussions and activities. The final exam will be an oral exam, where students will demonstrate their speaking and listening skills.


By the end of this course, students will have a basic understanding of Mauritian Creole and be able to communicate more effectively with locals in Mauritius. They will also have a greater appreciation for the local culture and customs.

Course Fees:

Total Price: Rs 25,000. 

Student discount: Rs 15,000 (For full-time students only)

Contact Us:

For more info, please contact us at info@tac.education or +230 463 1573.

Next Steps:

To get started learning Maruritian Creole, download the free PDF vocab sheet below!