The American Campus

What is The American Campus?

The  American Campus (TAC) is a new university located in Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius. 

Through Associate and Bachelor degrees granted jointly through TAC and our partner universities in the United States, we train students from Asia, Africa and around that world to be future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

TAC emphasizes high quality, dynamic academic and applied learning at a reasonable cost. Mauritius is culturally diverse and economically thriving, making it an ideal place for students of all backgrounds to live and study. 

Associate Degrees

An Associate degree is a two-year undergraduate degree. Courses in these degree programs include a “Core” of general education classesmajor-specific classes, and an internship related to the field of study. The classes and internship are designed to be interactive and engaging to provide students hands-on learning and real-world experience. Students at The American Campus can choose from the following three Associate Degrees: 

  1. Associate of Science with a Business Emphasis
  2. Associate of Arts with a Communications Emphasis
  3. Associate of Science with a Computer Science Emphasis

Upon completion of the two-year Associate Degree, students can choose to enter the workforce, or continue their education at The American Campus or in a U.S. university to earn Bachelor’s Degree through the 2+2 model.

2 + 2 Model

The American Higher Education System offers undergraduate students a two-year Associate degree and a four-year Bachelor degree. The 2+2 model allows students to earn both degrees in 4 years.

Students complete their first 2 years at The American Campus in Mauritius, earning a joint associate degree from TAC and our American partner Dawson Community College. The final 2 years of the Bachelor degree can be taken at either TAC in Mauritius, or at a university in the United States.

Students who choose to transfer to different U.S. university to complete their Bachelor degree may be required to meet additional application and/or course requirements.

Regardless of the option chosen, the American Campus in Mauritius provides degree advice and support in the application and transfer process.  

Campus Assistance

The American Campus in Mauritius will assist international students in applying for and obtaining their student visa to enter Mauritius.

Once in Mauritius, our team will also help the students to determine what major and career is best for them. If the student decides to transfer to a university in the US, TAC will help them to apply for admission into the university of their choice.

Once they are accepted, our team in Mauritius will help them apply for a student visa to enter the US. This can be done at the US embassy in Mauritius.


The total yearly cost for tuition, fees, and books is listed below. After the student is admitted to the university, they must pay a minimum of $2000 USD from the balance as a non-refundable deposit. This deposit secures the student’s spot and allows TAC to move forward with the student’s visa application. The remaining balance for year 1 is due before the student receives their visa and before they travel to Mauritius.

Cost Breakdown (USD)

 Year 1Year 2
Yearly Total7,0007,000
Grand Total14,000

Note: Additional expenses include an estimated $215 monthly for housing and an estimated $150 per month for living expenses. Actual expenses can vary based on the student’s housing choice and lifestyle.