Roshni Eyeburn: My Experience in TAC’s Digital Marketing Program

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April 22, 2023
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Roshni Eyeburn: My Experience in TAC’s Digital Marketing Program

Photo of Roshni Eyeburn on the Beach in Mauritius - Previous Digital Marketing Student

Roshni Eyeburn (Previous Digital Marketing Student) on the Beach in Mauritius.

Hi, I’m Roshni! I’m a Mauritian and I recently completed the Digital Marketing Certificate at The American Campus. Today, I am writing about my experience in this program.

Let’s be honest, we all have been at least once in a situation where we cannot decide which career to choose exactly. Between family pressure, societal expectations, and personal desire, we all have felt lost. Well, I found myself trapped in this circle for about six years. I couldn’t decide which job was perfectly fitted for me until I came across an advertisement for TAC’s Digital Marketing program on Facebook.

Defining Digital Marketing is pretty tough because, to a certain extent, everything is digital. In this continuously changing world, marketing also has developed by adopting new innovations. Digital Marketing is therefore a mixture of marketing and the latest trends used on social media and other marketing channels.

Since Digital Marketing has gained momentum during the past few years, I was really motivated to set out on my new career path. Digital Marketing is interesting as it’s constantly changing over time and mostly making use of different social platforms that many of us are already familiar with. Let’s talk a bit about my digital marketing experience during the course.

To be honest, the foremost opportunity I got was that I was able to work and study at the same time. The flexibility of studying at your own pace during the course was really advantageous for me. Time management was, therefore, the key element to being able to do two different things at the same time, like we say “kill two birds with one stone”.

Can you guess which part of the course was my favorite? Obviously, the social media part. Haha! Like I stated above, digital marketing is the use of marketing with new trends on different social media platforms. And, more than 75% of youngsters are addicted to these platforms. You all agree we spend quite a time switching from one social media app to another during the day. Imagine you say you are working and it’s actually working on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, etc. Can’t be a better job right? It was really fun as part of the project was to create ads and content which are relevant on social media according to the goals and see how engaging these were to the audience.

Well, the most challenging part was when students had to choose their very first client for a project and make use of the digital skills they have learned. Yes, you are reading it right, without any delay I had to search for a client who would be willing to accord me the personal information of the business such as social media logins or even an editor-level access to be able to complete my project. Do you feel that pressure? This is the exact moment when you had no other option than make use of your digital marketing skills such as spreading impactful messages, establishing trust, and being persuasive so that the client allows you to get access to the required information for the campaign. Thankfully, being really enthusiastic, I successfully completed all projects of the course and today I am still learning ways to make myself a better digital marketer because learning never ends especially in a field that’s persistently changing.

Digital Marketing offers considerable longevity to those looking for a career they can grow and develop in. I will highly recommend anyone to pursue their career path or even acquire in-demand skills to have a secure job future. My experience in the Digital Marketing field has persuaded me that I have chosen the right path to my career and makes me more ambitious to grow into it.

Overall, the TAC Digital Marketing program has been a transformative experience. The flexibility of studying at my own pace allowed me to balance work and study commitments. Moreover, it provided me with the skills necessary to pursue a career in digital marketing. The opportunity to work with real clients and apply the skills I learned during the course was invaluable. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to pursue a career in digital marketing or simply acquire in-demand skills. In conclusion, my TAC Digital Marketing experience has been fulfilling and has paved the way for a promising career path in Digital Marketing.


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