The American Campus

Program Summary:

This degree balances business management principles with tools and technologies of computerized information systems. The diverse, innovative environment fosters independent thinking and life-long learning. Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management are prepared with the tools they need to enter the workforce. If they desire, students may also choose to further their education after receiving this degree.

The courses for this program consist of Information Systems, Programming and Development, Critical Thinking and Analysis, and Communication, and more. This array of classes prepares students for their futures by allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of Information Systems Management.

Application Requirements:

1. Complete TAC application form
2. Submit photo ID (passport preferred)
3. Submit official copy of secondary school transcripts, O-level or A-level results
*Students may apply by uploading soft copies of documents but must provide original hard copies upon acceptance into a degree program.
4. Submit proof of competence in the English language.

Potential Career Paths:
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Computer Consultant
  • Database Administrator
  • Business System Analyst
  • Data Network Specialist
Course List:

Year 1:

Semester 1:

  • ENGL 1101 Written English
  • BISM 1200 Introduction to Computing
  • BSBA 2211 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • General Studies- Elective from Citizenship
  • General Studies- Elective from Health & Wellbeing

Semester 2:

  • ENGL 1102 Written English
  • MATH 1530 College Algebra
  • BSBA 2212 Principles of Microeconomics
  • COMM 2202 Intro to Communications in the world of Work
  • General Studies- Elective from Arts

Year 2:

Semester 3:

  • BSBA 2201 Principles of Accounting
  • BSBA 2209 Principles of Management
  • BISM 2200 Business Information Tools
  • BISM 2400 Operating Systems Concepts
  • General Studies- Elective from Natural Science

Semester 4:

  • BSBA 2204 Principles of Marketing
  • BISM 2600 Introduction to Networking Administration
  • BISM 2800 Corporate Communications and Technology
  • General Studies- Elective from Interdisciplinary and Lifelong Learning

Year 3:

Semester 5:

  • BSBA 2221 Intro to Financial Management
  • BISM 3000 Business Programming Logic
  • BISM 3200 Management Information Systems
  • BISM 3400 Database Design and Development
  • General Studies- Elective from Cultural Awareness

Semester 6:

  • BSBA 3306 Business Law I
  • BISM 3600 E-Commerce & Web Development Strategy
  • BISM 3800 Object-Oriented Business Applications
  • General Studies- Elective from Humanities

Year 4:

Semester 7:

  • BSBA 3310 Business & Economic Statistics
  • MGMT 3500 Project Management
  • BISM 4200 Systems Analysis and Design
  • Elective
  • Elective

Semester 8:

  • BSBA 4420 Business Ethics and Corporate Accountability
  • BISM 4800 Information Systems Project Management
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective
Estimated Cost:
International Students (USD)
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Living Expenses1,8001,8001,8001,800
Yearly Total11,10011,05011,05011,050
Grand Total44,250
Mauritian Students (MUR)
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Yearly Total215,750214,000214,000214,000
Grand Total857,750